5 Free Email Templates To Book Weddings

At EssentialDigital LKN we know that you have spent hours and hours trying to fine tune your email process when working with your wedding couples. You are tired of writing email after email to potential brides only to be ghosted with no explanation. We're happy to do the leg work for you and help you book weddings now.

In this guide we are giving you the best email templates to use for your wedding business in some of the most common scenarios you encounter with a couple. These templates can easily be edited to suite your individual needs. So whether you are a powerhouse of just one or you have a rocking staff, use these templates to communicate effectively to your potential customers and close the deal.

We hope you find these email templates useful. At EssentialDigital LKN we offer many services from Social Media Management to Website Design and a lot of things in between. We would love to talk to you about ways we can increase your customer base starting today.  Whatever your goal, working together we can get you there.